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Search for America:
Season 2, Episodes 10 - 16 

In this series, the inquiry turns from descriptive to normative values, from the 'is' to the ‘ought.' Focusing on fifteen crucial problems confronting the American people, from foreign policy decisions to matters of personal faith, it asks: What values should guide us toward the solution of these problems? Featured Personality: Huston Smith, a pioneer in Educational Television, Huston Smith is known to the television public for his two previous series: The Religions of Man and Science and Human Responsibility. For eleven years Professor of Philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis, he moved in 1959 to become the first Professor of Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, since the early days of that institution. An authority in comparative philosophy, Dr. Smith is the author of The Religions of Man and The Purposes of Higher Education.  

Episode 10


10. Search for America - Our Mental Health Problems with Dr. Redlich and Dr. Erich Fromm

Episode 11


11. Search for America - The Family with Dr. Margaret Mead and Dr. Bertram Beck

Episode 12


12. Search for America - Kinds of Love with Father Thurston Davis and Eric Fromm

Episode 13


13. Search for America - Progress with Reinhold Niebuhr

Episode 14


14. Search for America - Morality with Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr

Episode 15


15. Search for America - Man’s Cosmic Status with William Ernest Hocking and Paul Tillich

Episode 16


16. Search for America - Human Fulfillment with Paul Tillich and Mark van Doren

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